When we say yes to God, we must by definition say no to something else. The reverse of that is also true.

When we say no to God it is because we have already chosen something or someone else instead. Counting the cost of both decisions is a viable exercise in learning to walk with God.

When we resist the grace of God, we confine ourself to the present.

We constrict the freedom we can experience in the Spirit. Life takes on new limitations that cramp our capacity to enjoy who we are in Jesus. Our ability to rejoice and give thanks can often be a noticeable casualty. We are less enthusiastic about worship and expressing our gratitude and adoration of the Lord Jesus. Prayer becomes stultified. We are reduced in active faith and find simple trust to be difficult. The vibrancy of Christ within, the full expectation of glory is weakened. We shrink into this lack of expectancy.

When we respond to the voice of God, we grow.

When we say “yes” to the Lord we come into a greater sense of Who He is for us. He is not available to a casual seeker, but is wholehearted towards people of the same disposition (2 Chronicles 15:2). Agreement and alignment create a larger tendency to magnify the Lord.

When we say “yes” to the Lord, it enlarges our capacity to be trusted by Him. Our vision is amplified and all true development stems from this simple place of obedience.

Increase is hugely important to the Father. He loves fullness and abundance. He longs to see His people moving in the full flow of their divine inheritance in Christ. A positive response, a “yes,” will always broaden our experience and create an internal culture of permission and release.

Can you think of an area in your life where you are suffering a contraction? Try tracing it back to your last response towards God in that area. If you are in a good place but still not seeing an increase, it is time for an upgrade. Allow the Holy Spirit to provoke you and remember, a yes will always lead to enlargement.


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