One of the wonderful things about life with God is the rhythm we develop with Him. In creation, there is a rhythm. Night follows day. The seasons change. Birds migrate and return. The tide comes in and goes out. God’s rhythmic imprint has been placed upon the earth and heavens. Our senses are aware of the rhythm of the world around us — we can smell the air and know what the weather will be like. We’re used to the rhythm of the climate.

With God, we are always responding to something He is doing. Early in the day, we can be drawn into what God is doing. We’re like children. What’s Mom up to? Baking? Great, we’ll help. Likewise, our Father works and we work. We love God because He first loved us. It is all about the rhythm of His Spirit.

The Holy Spirit will apply pressure to move us into the love of God. Like the moon draws the tide, He draws us to the love of God. Things may get worse as He tries to bring us into His rest, but we can trust that it is part of the rhythm of life with God.

God always makes the first move, and we return the favor. His delight is to love us, and our desire is to love Him. When we understand, and live in, the rhythm of God, we come into ministry in a much safer way. I can’t say anything unless God speaks first. There is no pressure on me; it’s all up to Him. When God says something, and faith fills my heart, then I can prophesy.

Most days, I am not consumed about the ministry. It is not a high priority when I could be in the presence of God. But isn’t that what true ministry should be? Ministry, especially the prophetic, is about relating to God and doing, today, what He wants you to do. It is about matching the rhythm of His life. When we love who He is, minister to Him, and flow in His presence, we can be confident that God will use us as He sees fit.

The Rhythm of Life with God is an excerpt from Approaching the Heart of Prophecy. 

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