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As we pursue God our vision begins to unfold. We get a picture of who God wants to be for us. Inevitably, obstacles will appear on our journey. Obstacles can point to many different areas of growth or overcoming. Some obstacles are meant to elevate us. Some are used to slow us down so we don’t miss a crucial part of learning. And some obstacles help us raise our sight and develop larger vision for who we are and what God wants to do in our lives.

Sometimes obstacles can appear to be larger than our experience of God. If our understanding of our relationship with God is not growing and not being upgraded, then life will become overwhelming to us. It will seem larger than it is. When we are in Christ, circumstances look different to us. We are set on a higher point and our perspective is elevated. It’s not that situations get easier, it’s that we get bigger.

So what if we’re giants in the making? Maybe we are being trained to become bigger and the Lord is giving us opportunities to learn. It’s time to go higher. It’s time to change our perspective about obstacles and use them to upgrade our identity.

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