It’s a question that I’m asked all the time: “Why haven’t my promises come to pass yet?” What does it mean when the gap only seems to widen between promise received and promise fulfilled? And what do we do with the time between?

It means that God is initiating a new level of partnership and fellowship— and you’re invited to join Him.

Promises are the currency of God’s relationship with us. They are gifts that He gives, not wages that we earn. (2 Peter 1:3-5)

In the busyness of life, many of us have let go of the promises of God. We remember them, but we’ve stopped actively agreeing and aligning our hearts and voice with God’s intention. When we do that, we step out of the place of permission and fullness that He has for us.

So how do we rediscover and realign with God’s gifts of promise?

Key #1: Hear the unchanging commitment of God in His promises.

Every time God makes a promise, He is staking a particular claim in your life—and He’s giving us permission to stake a claim on the resources that come with it.

His is the voice of proclamation. “This is my dream for you and these are the promises that go with that dream.”

Key #2: Use your voice to agree with Him.

It seems simple but so often, our agreement with God remains theoretical. There is power in connecting our agreement to our vocal chords. The fellowship of our faith becomes effective through actively acknowledging every good thing which is in us in Christ (Philemon 6).

Ours is the voice of confession. “I agree with Your dream of me and I accept the resources that You’ve provided with it.”

This is not “name it, claim it / blab and grab it” thinking. It’s about intentionally aligning with the truth about our lives as God sees it.

Key #3: Declare your partnership with God.

There is no true transformation without the renewal of our thinking. Declaration allows us to assert our passion and recalibrate our thinking with His. Once you know the specific promise God wants to bring into your daily reality, craft a declarative statement of agreement:

“I am who God says I am. I am ________.”

(Write out what your promise says about who you are in Christ.)

“He has given me everything that pertains to life and godliness to become this.”

(This reminds you that He has already provided. We’re just learning to recognize what that provision is.)

“I can do ______________ because of this promise of Christ in me, my hope of glory.”

On a small card, write your promise and any scriptures that go with it.

+ Keep it in your pocket and pull it out during the day.
+ Read it aloud whenever you can.
+ Feel the smile and joy of the Lord as you agree with Him.
+ Let His delight in who you are and are becoming wash over you.

When God speaks to us, He is creating a space for us to step into His intentionality. Release any feelings of fear or uncertainty. Your role is to cooperate with His process, not to be responsible for making it happen yourself.

From this place, the time between a promise made and a promise fulfilled becomes rich in fellowship of the one with the One. Life becomes about the journey, not merely the outcome.

Let us know what you discover!

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