Sometimes an experience with the Lord happens that is so giant, earth shaking and epic that it changes everything. In a flash we are set free; we understand; our thinking or physical self is transformed through healing. It is a supernatural encounter that reveals majesty and should leave us humbled and changed.

The practical side of breakthrough isn’t as fast, but His presence with you is the same. Learning to live a lifestyle of transformed and renewed thinking takes delight, trust and patience with obedience. Demonstrating the character of Jesus, the kindness, faithfulness and love of the Lord is a never-ending and vast pool of learning. You will never be done. There is always another depth you can go to. Another place to adapt and go deeper. But you have to take those first steps.

In relationships, it means being honest even when it’s difficult or even painful. It means showing integrity; it means showing up when you say you will; listening and spending time connecting to people. Putting down the devices and looking at someone in the eye when they talk to you.

It takes joy and patience to take truth down to its deepest level. This is a depth beyond merely meeting our current needs… beyond the depth of understanding the power it releases to us against our adversary; we must find truth down to the depth where God lives in the highest places of Heaven.


I believe that Jesus came to earth to model a righteous life as a man; to create a supernatural lifestyle that was physical and practical. He didn’t blast lightning from His fingertips to change the hearts and minds of men and women. He spent time with them, showing them who He was by daily ritual; by caring and loving them in a very real way. His disciples loved Him in return, by choice.

When the Sadducees and the priestly officers of the temples questioned Peter and John at length (Acts 4), they knew that the disciples were uneducated and untrained men, but they were amazed and recognized that they had spent time with Jesus. Peter and John were living an upgraded life—and it showed! They were living from Heaven to Earth. They were experiencing goodness, favor and blessing as an ongoing, yet normal, part of their lifestyle. They knew God, and were enjoying being radically loved in His Presence.

So what does this look like for us? I believe it means changing our devotional life and how we pray.

We know that when we are injured or unwell, taking time to rest and heal is important. You shouldn’t schedule a trip or run a marathon if you’re recovering from a broken bone or the flu. We know this. But when we have a different kind of crisis in our lives we all too often fall back on habits to cope that leave us further depleted emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

We over schedule, reduce our sleep and race from task to task. Our nail-beds are in tatters as we worry through the time of trial. But if your response to crisis is to make more time for intimacy in prayer and devotion to God, I believe you will see a real change. Faith will rise and faith will hold the hand of your circumstances and help to remind you that we serve a big God. And that His goodness reigns supreme.

More is possible for you when you build a life with God. Daily; faithfully and in every circumstance there is an opportunity to upgrade your thinking.

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