Maturity in the Kingdom involves gaining an elevated perspective for what appears to be obstacles in everyday life. Elevation allows us to see from God’s perspective, so we learn to navigate life with greater ease and confidence.

God, in His wisdom, is willing to allow obstacles in our lives even though He could prevent them. The more we mature in this new man life, the more we understand that obstacles are an opportunity to gain an elevated perspective.

Obstacles mean upgrades are possible!

God knows where we are headed and the path to get us there. The enemy wants to hinder that process, but God has a brilliant strategy for using it instead.

God looks at our journey and thinks,

“Hmmm. I can’t have them walk all the way down that road because at the level they’re traveling right now they’ll just have to come all the way back and start over again!”

What does He do? He allows the obstacle to remain.

When most people encounter opposition, they think a breakthrough is needed. But what if it’s not? What if instead of trying to breakthrough, the real way forward is to go up to a higher level.

The Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit adore using obstacles to lift us up to a higher place in our relationship with Him because there is something at that elevation we need to see. Instead of leaving us stuck in a lower landscape of immaturity, He allows obstacles to elevate our vision to align with His perspectives of peace, promise and provision.

Vision isn’t about the direction in which you’re traveling, it’s about the height at which God wants you to travel.

The path we’re on may be a good one. We may be headed in a wonderful direction. But there may be a higher perspective that we have yet to see, and which may be amazingly helpful.

When we see obstacles as opportunities for elevation, frustration ends and expectation begins.

Walking in the Spirit stirs a passion to understand more about the plans and purposes of God’s heart. God desires these things for us too, so He allows an obstacle in your path that causes you to stop on your current level – and come up to a higher one.

At that new altitude, you’ll travel farther, faster.

From this perspective, we begin to see obstacles as invitations to walk in an elevated place of vision…. which is what they really are from God’s point of view.

So think of a current situation in your life that you would define as an “obstacle,” and after a time of worship and rejoicing, step into a place of rest in Him.

Ask to see that obstacle from His perspective. What’s the opportunity for an elevation gain that is present?

Talk with Him about who He wants to be for you in this place that He couldn’t be at any other time.

Let the promise of upgraded maturity wash over you and let your expectation for His goodness, kindness and provision rise.

Every obstacle from here forward can become a catapult instead.

Enjoy that process.

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