A lens is a simple technology. It either bends light or blocks light. When working properly, a lens should actually be invisible because it is not suppose to be something we see, rather it is intended to be something we see through.

Our lenses in life directly affects what we see, how we think, and how we speak. They can either inhibit or accelerate our growth in God, which is why it’s important to constantly be examining and upgrading our lenses.

Over the course of our life and relationship with God our lenses are going to change multiple times, causing our minds to be renewed and giving us a new language. This is how the transformation process happens for us in God!

For more on this process, watch the short video above.

PS) If interested in learning more about how to change your lenses, be sure to check out our “Exploring the Prophetic” book shelf at BBH. Over the years, we’ve produced plenty of resources speaking to this same transformation process!