There are times in everyone’s life when, suddenly, smooth sailing gives way to choppy seas: the foundation that our lives and dreams are built feels like it is crumbling beneath our feet and we are left wondering, “Where is God? Why is this happening? I’m a “good” Christian, so why would He let this happen to me? What did I do wrong?” We turn our thoughts to negativity, feeling that we must have done something wrong, and even though we know that God’s grace is infinite, even though we know He will never leave nor forsake us, we wonder, how could this be happening?

As Graham mentions in Why Wounded and Betrayed Believers Are So Useful to God, “You have never failed God and God has never failed you.” So this season of struggle has nothing to do with how “good” of a Christian you are, but instead has everything to do with the greatness God sees in you and the destiny He wants to release you to. It is through testing that your life becomes great.

Graham also says, “You’re nothing in the Kingdom unless you’ve been betrayed. It is absolutely essential that you have been wounded in ministry. It’s imperative that you know the fellowship of His suffering.”

God wants you to experience brokenness because when you go through pain, you find Jesus. He is the light. Through suffering you will discover the presence of God in a way you didn’t know you could. He has the blueprint of your entire life. He planned for this time of hardship, but only because He knows that a key to your true identity can only be found in the midst of all the hurt and confusion.

It is only after you are wounded that you can be healed by His loving hands. It is only after you have been betrayed that you can truly trust the Lord. Only after you put all your trust in His hands will He trust you to be given the destiny you are called to.

The Father sees all the treasure in you, but like mining for precious metals, He must chip away everything else to get to it. And only when you’ve been hurt and started to heal will you begin to see what He sees. In order to have the power of His resurrection you must know the fellowship of His suffering.

From this brokenness you will learn to see every circumstance as an opportunity to dig deeper with the Father, to learn from Him and grow in the Kingdom. Your outer man is damaged by things of the Earth, but your inner man uses those problems as fuel to explore more of the Kingdom.

Brokenness is the key to everything God has promised to you.

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