We are in Jesus. We have been put in this place by the Father as a gift. We don’t need to do anything to get there—we are in.

We abide by agreement.

Meaning, we experience the power of our union with the Father through our obedience to stay, dwell, and remain. We can’t prove anything, say anything, or do anything to enter this place.

But we must do everything to remain here. Being in Christ is the Father’s gift to us; staying in Christ is our gift to Him. He has made being in Christ a delight. We now share a restful, joyful rhythm and harmony in our lives that didn’t exist before Him. Our peace is the evidence that we are abiding correctly.

All is rest.

And everything contains joy, if we keep our eyes open. It is a simple and powerful truth that we have been given: Staying in Christ is so much easier than being out of sync with God.

Outside of God, we are more prone to the heaviness of depression, weariness, anxiety, fear and doubt. That is HARD work, and for no reward or benefit. Not to abide in Christ, in a dark world, is extreme foolishness.

So ask yourself today: Where am I doubting or withholding parts of myself from God?  How can I better choose not to lean on my own understanding and instead remain in him to find rest?

May we find our burdens become light when we abide in Him.


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