I’ve got some dangerously good news for us today!

Jesus has already won the battle raging in our minds.

He’s already killed off the ‘old man’ that loves to resist the newness of life promised to us.

The only reason the battle still wages inside of us is because we haven’t yet learned to “think new.”

We no longer have to view our circumstances as our old man and through its natural mind. Instead, we are learning to walk with the new lens of the Kingdom. This means that every circumstance provides an opportunity to renew our way of perceiving.

As we see differently, our mindset forms a new perspective. We are then empowered to make constant and necessary adjustments.

If interested in exploring this reality of thinking new, here is a short “letter from God” from my new book, The Newness Advantage.

When your old man died, the new man replaced him. You are now perpetually hidden in Christ in Me. This means that I relate to you through My Son and you relate to Me from your position in Him. It’s perfect! You bypass the world and go straight to Heaven in your lifestyle.

This works best as you get in the rhythm of putting off the old and embracing the new. Most people want new but think old. The natural mind can only change when it sees something different. First put off the old, then you are free to receive the mind of Christ.

It’s give and take. Set your mind on desiring a higher way of thinking. As I begin to speak new things, you have a choice. In our relationship your new man partners with Me and allows an earth-bound perception and thinking to be set aside. Then you can explore all the possibilities that are opening up to you with this new lens. 

Beloved, here’s to enjoying the exploration of our stunning Divine advantage in Jesus!

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