Our Connection to The Warrior Class

In some of Graham’s older talks and books, he has made reference The Warrior Class (TWC).  As we still receive questions regarding TWC, here is the most updated information:

The Warrior Class was originally started by Graham Cooke and Allison Bown in 2011, as a place of relational training where people who loved prayer could be developed in joyful, targeted intercession.  During its first seven years, the practice ground for TWC members was in developing prophetic intercession for the ministry and Kingdom assignments of Graham and his wife Theresa.

In 2017, a new generation was given the ownership of The Warrior Class.  

Allison Bown joined Brilliant full time as Graham’s Creative Partner, contributing to the writing, content and development of Brilliant TV, along with several other Brilliant initiatives. 

Graham’s ministry is now focused on working more from his Santa Barbara base, rather than extensive travel and numerous public events. Because of this shift, he requested that The Warrior Class practice ground for prophetic intercession transition from his ministry to each member’s personal community and family in June, 2018.

While neither Graham nor Allison have any official connection or input into the new Warrior Class, some of their former teaching, books and materials continue to be explored by TWC members, as The Warrior Class embarks on a new journey and focus.

If you are a previous or current member of TWC, Graham would like to thank you.  You can view his letter to TWC members by clicking on the link below.

Click here:  Dear Warrior Class Members, From Graham.