Given the right mindset, everything that occurs to us in life is an opportunity.

The temptation is usually to see things in terms of being positive or negative. We tend to focus on the favor and blessings that God gives us, and wish we could ignore all the obstacles and challenges.

This is because the positive and the negative are creations of our brains, causing us to choose how we perceive and classify our situations. By default, we want to avoid obstacles, but what if they are challenging, in the best and most brilliant meaning of that word? As in…

Obstacles set out a challenge for us to rise to in Christ.

They challenge us to increase our capacity for God’s fullness and reliance on His Spirit.

The truth of the matter is that we are in Christ, learning to become more like Him. That’s our identity in the Kingdom: followers of Christ, subject to the furious love of God.

We are warriors; we are men and women who overcome: we do not simply endure, we rise up and overwhelm.

We have been provided with a place in the Kingdom, a place on high by the side of the Father, and we rise up to claim that place.

This is the beginning of a spiritual journey with God, where we will experience His nature. We’ll meet the fulness of God, the joy of His anointing, embrace His kindness and favor, and come to know His incredible rest.

This journey will be filled with obstacles, but they are actually good for us.

Adversity is opportunity in disguise.

There’s no spiritual cache in overcoming when it’s easy, and each one of these stressful situations is specifically designed to provide a maturing experience in Christ.

We need to grow up to be the people that God knows we can be, and these confrontational circumstances are part of the ongoing conversation with Him that allows us to catch a glimpse of those people: to see how He sees, discover how He thinks, and sense His perception of us.

So today, I invite you to have a conversation with the Kingdom about your current obstacles and challenges.

If interested in dialoguing with the Holy Spirit, here are three key questions to ask:

What is the obstacle intended for?

What is its purpose?

What can be released to me in the examination of this latest challenge?

Listen to what the Father is intending to give you through your conversation. His vision for your journey isn’t just about the direction you intended to take, but also about the height at which you are intended to travel.

He wants your experience in Christ to elevate you to your seat with Him in Heavenly places. He is so excited for you to see everything in your life as being designed to specifically assist you in becoming something magnificent!

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