How many of you know that the church is not a building?

Church was never meant to be a building; instead it is a Kingdom of believers practicing love and grace on each other.

The Church is the showcase for life in Christ, creating an expression of the love, grace, joy and kindness of God’s nature. It is the agent of the Kingdom on earth, operating as the visual aid to the world regarding what God is really, really like in Himself.

At the same time, it demonstrates the power of the Kingdom to bring God’s passion, intention and power to focus in real life situations for communities and nations.

Our job here on earth is to create the same conditions that exist in Heaven.

On Earth as it is in Heaven is our job description. This means that we are tracking with the goodness, the glory and the majesty of God and demonstrating His love in the Earth.

We are the Church; it’s not a building. It never was.

And to celebrate this, I’d love to invite you to participate with us this month by telling us YOUR story of BEING the church or experiencing someone else BEING the church.

Simply make a video or write a testimony, publish it to your social media channel of choice and hashtag #WeTheChurch so we can all see and share these stories together.

For more on this celebration, watch the short video above, and then join us!

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