This video is inspired by my newest book, The Nature of Freedom. (Press play to enjoy!) It addresses a question I’m asked often…

“How do you think God thinks & feels about the state of modern Christianity?”

My answer is simple. I think God’s heart breaks when he looks at the life of many Christians today. But not for the reason you may assume.

He’s aligned everything in history so we can live above stress, inferiority, low self-esteem. Where shame, struggle & constantly rehashing our deficiencies, they have no place anymore!

Yet, from most Sunday morning pulpits, we are more likely to hear doctrines built around a relentless struggle of never measuring up than we are to hear about the new way of life He’s already handed us.

I think if we were to listen, as a collective people, to what God has to say about our current state we’d hear Him say,

“I don’t think about your sin, so why do you? I’m not double minded. I took sin away so stop bringing it up.

All you have to do is open your eyes and see yourself as I see you. You can think how I think. You can live how I live: from love, abundance, peace & deep joy. It’s all yours, already.

This is YOUR new nature. This is the nature of freedom.”


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