You are not alone when the Lord is with you. 

There is no pit so deep that the Lord is not present.

We have the Father, Son and Holy Spirit inside us all the time and you do not have to practice social distancing with the Lord. That’s what Three + ME is all about.

I want to start a movement where Believers all over the world can feel the peace, joy and comfort of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The comfort of the THREE are with you all the time. Three + ME every day.

This is one of my favorite scriptures for this time

“And the peace of God that passes all understanding will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 4:7

This is a unique opportunity to upgrade your relationship with a God who never changes and is the same towards you yesterday, today and forever. This is our time to take bigger steps forward in God’s Nature. The Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit have so many ways in which they love being with us and living in us. Our life of THREE+Me is a place of total acceptance in Christ. Everyday, we’re learning how to stay, dwell and remain in that glorious place of relationship.

When the Father is talking with us about our process of transformation, it is always with a deeply affectionate, beautifully gentle voice and manner. It isn’t a whisper. It’s a voice filled with quiet confidence in who He knows Himself to be for you. The Father loves talking to the Jesus that’s IN you! The Father put us into Christ so that He could speak to us the same way He spoke to His Son… no matter if we’re having a good day or a difficult one.

The Truth isn’t just a concept to be memorized and recited. The Truth is a person… and it’s Jesus! (John 14:6) When you don’t know the way to go, Jesus IS the Way.  Jesus is passionate for you to have an experience of Him as Truth, the One who can never lie, the One who will always do what’s right for you… because He’s righteous! It is our experience of Him as Truth that makes us want to live in that beauty of Truth too.

When you wonder about the Truth, Jesus has an encounter for you with Himself as THE Truth that will set you free: free to be loved by Jesus absolutely and outrageously! God never expected you to remain in Him through your own striving and self-effort. He gave you the best champion you will ever have to empower you stay in a “Three+Me” relationship: The Holy Spirit.

In times of distress or difficulty, He has promised to be your Helper, your Friend, your Teacher and your Keeper. When you want to run, it is His hand that steadies you so that you can realize once again that “THREE+Me” is a place of safety and calm.