Let’s use the starting point of these three key truths, and then brainstorm below your answers.

  1. You are God’s Beloved child
  2. You are free to come to Him through Jesus and because of the Cross
  3. You have favor in our life to move with confidence into the life God wants for you.

Beloved, you don’t need to pray for something that God has already said you can have. You have permission to seek and  to knock, in the  sure and certain knowledge  that God will say, “Yes.” Your  life, therefore, is about getting  to yes.

Having read these key truths and given what we know about favor,  ask yourself again…

What has God got in mind for the parts of your life that are not yet working properly?

What is the Father thinking about in relation to you?

What is He plotting? What is He scheming for? Because you know He is!

What is He planning? What is His intentionality in those places?

Let’s chat more about Favor and what it means to live in God’s favor over in our Brilliant Conversation of the week.