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What If It’s Not…

Growing in faith and trust comes from thanksgiving and rejoicing in the nature of God. If you want to grow more, you’ll need to increase your levels of rejoicing. 

Trust is the evidence of the presence of God. There are some days when you can’t feel in your emotions the presence of God, and that’s where you learn trust. In this inner environment of thanksgiving, your expectations are rooted in the true nature of God.

We know that anything is possible with God. The good news of the new man isn’t hard to enjoy, unless you expect it to be. We’ve been conditioned for hardship and to expect difficulty. We often choose stress before anything even happens. But what if it’s not hard? What if it’s not?

Don’t buy into the lie that the battle in overcoming is long and hard. Beloved, the battle belongs to the Lord. 

These are old mindsets that belong to your old man, you know, the one that died with Christ. The new mindset you are growing into as a new creation in Christ, is one of trust and faith, even when you can’t feel it. The Lord is in the battle and we are in Him.

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Faith and trust grows in this internal atmosphere of thanksgiving and rejoicing in the nature of God. So if you want to grow in faith and trust, you have to simply increase your levels of rejoicing always, and in everything, give thanks. Remember that we said that you can’t experience in your emotions, you can’t feel the presence of God on days. And that’s when you get to actually learn trust. 

Trust is the evidence of the presence of God. 

When God is present to your feelings, you just grab a big smile and enjoy it. When God is present your trust, you just gonna have a big smile and enjoy it. Because in that inner environment, your expectations will be rooted in the goodness of God and His Majesty. 

We can anticipate that anything is possible with Him, even our situation. 

The Good News of the new man is not difficult or hard to enjoy. Well, unless you expect it to be. Beware of the lie of the long, hard battle in overcoming. You know what? The battle belongs to the Lord. He is in the battle, and we are in Him. So He get…He gets to dictate when a battle is going to end. Not anybody else. 

The world and often the church have conditioned us to expect hardship. There’s an anticipation of difficulty. So stress is often chosen before anything’s even happened. That can be true of our expectations of an encounter. We anticipate that an experience of the truth is going to be hard to come by. Or it’s dependent on us getting something right. 

But what if it’s not? 

An expectation of conflict and struggle is a mindset of the old you. It’s not a mindset of the new you in Jesus. An old mindset anticipates that this new life in God is going to be difficult. But if it’s not? Seriously, what if it’s not?

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