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Defining Your Personal Legacy

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What If You Knew the End of Your Story?

Each of us has a divine and unique identity and destiny that God can clearly see – but how do we begin to see our lives and our identity from His perspective?

Our process of development is the relational journey we embark on with God until His reality about our lives becomes ours as well.

But when challenges arise, the enemy wants to use our “here and now” as evidence that this relational process of maturity isn’t working. He hopes you will circle your difficulty from an earthbound, problem-solving perspective, and that the habits of our old nature will bring feelings of frustration, discouragement and doubt.

Is God really who He said He is? And can you really become the image of you that He sees in Christ?

God doesn’t just see who you are today. He knows who you are and are becoming—and He wants His peace and confidence to become yours in that process.

I remember watching a suspense-filled movie for a second time…and wondering why I was so relaxed. The first time, I could barely breathe and now I was munching popcorn. What changed? “Now, you know the end of the story,” said the smiling Holy Spirit.

In my new book, The Image, I wrote:

“God has already written the story of our lives (Psalm 139:16) , so He is never gripped about the current chapter.”

The beauty of that thought is that when we see every situation in our lives from His timeless perspective, we can join Him in the rest and peace He has regarding our good outcome (Jeremiah 29:11).

That truth shifts us from desperately circling our circumstances like a dog chasing its tail to a spiral staircase of development that adds elevation to our perspective.

If we try to live in our true identity in Christ by solving all of our problematic issues, then we end up going round and round at an earth-bound level, expending huge amounts of energy and totally gripped about what we see today…but never rising to God’s elevated perspective of our lives with the One who knows the beginning from the end.

“Good outcomes” aren’t always because things turn out the way we hoped they would, but because we’ve encountered something beautiful about who God is with us in them.

By understanding that everything in our lives can be an opportunity to know Him and be transformed into that same image (2 Corinthians 3:18), we begin to build a progressive, spiral stairway of truth that aligns us with who He already sees us to be.

We may well revisit previous areas of development, but it will always be at a higher and higher place each time.

As we go higher, the things of earth get smaller. As we experience the One who knows our story from beginning to end, His peace rises in our hearts.

So, what’s a current scene in the movie of your life that you’re a bit gripped about right now? Try watching it today with the One who knows the good ending. How does He see it?

You might want to use a prayer that I pray all the time:

“Thank you Father that you are the Author of my story.
You started it well. You will finish it well.

Let me read the story of my life today as You wrote it:
From a place of rest, joy and confidence in who You are and will be
for me, in me and through me.”

Or write a better one to share with us… we’d love to hear it.

– Allison

PS) When we embrace God’s timeless, unchanging nature, we can let go of perceiving our lives only through the lens of the “here and now”. If interested in learning more about this perspective, order Allison’s new book, The Image.

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