I love being confident in God. I love both the Living Word who is present in my life, and I love the word that is scripture. I love the language of God. It is full of promises and permission. “Everything is yes and Amen in Christ.” When we act from our placement in Christ, all things are permissible in that particular context.

I love the freedom that real love brings. I love the deliverance of real forgiveness. I love the happiness of God. I love the peace of experiencing the cleansing of the past, and the joy of a restored, renewed future. I love being in Christ and learning to stay dead to my old nature. I love Christ being in me empowering my day with His Presence. “God has given us richly all things to enjoy” (1 Timothy 6:17). I am enjoying living in the Way, the Truth and the Life.

I love the love of God. Its releasing power. Its capacity to upgrade our lifestyle by empowering us to know Who He really is for us. I love the fact that we are being continuously empowered to become like Him. That still seems astonishing to me, that my journey in this world is not just about knowing Him as fully as possible, it is also that I might be made in His image in this life.

To walk in His fullness; to be God conscious, fully aware of His Presence. To see, think, speak and act as He would to all people and situations.

To be astonished at what God wants for me is the starting place for living in a place of awe about everything He wants to accomplish in and around my life. What would it look like to people if we lived as though we were amazingly impressed by the Lord? What if it is entirely possible to restore the modern day church back to a place of real astonishment about Jesus? What if our total astonishment about the Christ in us made us a fascinating focal point for the world to discover the wonder of Jesus?

In the Kingdom we have only one nature. The old one dies on the cross. The new man empowers us to walk as children of Light. In this new place in God, from this new perception and mindset, what can we contribute into the life of every individual we meet? What gracious words and acts of kindness are we consistently capable of because we are dead to sin but alive to God? (Romans 6:11)

Confidence is the evidence that we are processing our story with Jesus in the best possible way. In the Old Testament people journeyed from stronghold to stronghold. Cities of refuge were established throughout the territory. Small wonder then that the Hebrew word for assurance is Barach, meaning “refuge.”

In the Kingdom, confidence is also classed as an absence of doom! It’s a mindset on the Spirit, which is life and peace (Romans 8:6). No worries, free from anxiety, overwhelmed by certainty. We are fully persuaded that God is able to keep that which we have entrusted to Him. (2 Timothy 1:2)

Being fully confident about God’s nature to us empowers us to provide that same security for others. Give to others what God has given to you. Love in the way that you are becoming the Beloved. Be intentional about love.

Think about love and plan the way you bring love to others, especially to those who don’t like or love you. Being love is being the same to everyone regardless of circumstances. Astonishment will do that to us. It makes us more aware of the possibilities of God each day.

I hope you think about who God is for you today. I hope you can rejoice in that and clothe yourself in that truth. I hope you think about who you are in Him and who He will empower you to become for someone else today.

Today is the best day to start something new or different. Enjoy the Lord as He enjoys you.