All the fullness of God is present in your life. You have a big account to draw from! God does that because He wants to encourage us to think as big as He thinks. He wants to encourage us in our expectation, and it’s all available because of Jesus.


As Believers, church trains us how to answer this question, what were we created for?”We were created to love God,” “we were created to be loved by God…” you could probably name half a dozen responses. But what about the joy of the Lord? What about God’s fullness and His promises to us?

I believe we are created to live in fullness; to experience the majesty and the radical kindness of the Lord, and to walk with Him in all things.  

In order to revolutionize our society, we need a body of believers who live and operate out of that fullness.  Who have confidence in who God is for them.  That confidence is one of the most vital lessons any of us can learn in the Kingdom.

When you give your life to the Lord, He comes to live in your heart and you become a habitation of God by the Spirit. The Lord doesn’t just visit from time to time, He dwells inside you. It’s continuous, and in scripture He promises to never leave!

The Father stands with you and supports you in the space between your potential in the Kingdom and your actual development in Christ.

Beloved, He wants to provide for you in unfathomable ways.

Often, we get stuck comparing ourselves to others, with how God is walking with “other people” instead of being aware of how God wants to walk with us in our own learning journey.

But what if you were created for much more? 
What if you were designed to see yourself and the world around you as He sees it, and to respond as Jesus would in any life situation?

We were created to think the way God thinks and your transformation into the image of God is His passion and His absolute delight.

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Imagine what a world filled with Believers who understood their value and placement in the heart and the kingdom of God? 

We could change the world!

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