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Living on a Higher Place

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Whatever You Focus on You Empower.

Our new man always lines up with Jesus. This means that there is a difference between that which is TRUE and that which is the TRUTH.

It can be true that we have a problem in some area of our life, but the truth is you are a new creation in Christ, all the old things have past away.

If we focus on the problem, we are empowering the old man and keeping that thing around.

But when we focus on the truth that sets you free: YOU ARE A NEW CREATION IN CHRIST, that problem can go away because God is actually teaching you about who you are really are.

Beloved, remember that what is true speaks to a sin habit, but what is truth speaks to your identity.

This radically shapes how we see ourselves and others.

To learn more about living and speaking the TRUTH, watch the short clip above.

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