Sometimes life can be so busy we lose sight of what is most important. We all need to put time into the schedule for personal reflection; time to dwell with the Lord and tune into His voice over us in this season.  

Where am I going Lord?

What’s next Father?

I ask for dreams. I ask for visions. I ask, Lord, that You would sweep every one of us into a place of encounter that is unmistakable. It’s not going to be a head encounter, it’s going to be a heart encounter; a full-on encounter with the living God.


As you’re looking ahead to the coming year try not to define your life by the problems you face.  Instead, define your life by the nature of God that is being released and being revealed to you.

Ask the Lord for a revelation and an encounter with His passion. You won’t regret it, and neither will anyone who knows you!

What do you believe God has next for you this year?  Declare it out.