As we discover the fullness of our true identity in Christ, we will encounter opportunities for growth that will initially appear as obstacles, disappointments or defeats.

We have an adversary who lives to magnify our insecurities; condemn our past failures and give evidence of all that we are not. When Goliath circumstances say that we are too weak or too slow…

Instead of rushing forward into a battle of self-defense, God invites us to step back.

Back into our Secret Place that He created in us – where the Holy Spirit is our Comforter and Jesus is our Advocate. The place where we are always loved. Always accepted in the Beloved. Always safe.

From that internal fortress of rest and relationship, we listen for the sound of break through. We listen for the laughter.

It is often at the moment when circumstances seem dire or our lack appears so great, that a smile begins on Jesus’ face. As it broadens, His eyes grow brighter and then you realize… “He’s going to laugh.” It is a sound like none other – that deep, sweet laughter of assurance…a sound that says, “I’m here. I’m bigger than this. And I’m with you.”

The One who prepares tables in the presence of our enemies, does not fear what we do.

Jesus only sees you in the fullness of the beautiful creation He envisioned before you were ever born. He knows the battles that surround your life and He has provided Himself to be with you… always…even to the end of the age. But often, He is with us quite differently than we imagined He would be.

God is so wonderfully confident in who He is in us, that kindness and joy are His responses at the thought it’s too much or too big or too hard or it’s been too long.

Joy strengthens. It neutralizes anxiety and care – and allows us to hear Him when we need to hear Him most.

Laughter is not logical. Joy does not bubble up because all of our problems have obvious answers. Its source is not reasonable – but it is powerful.

And as the laughter rises, tears of gratitude usually follow….thankful for this place of safety and peace.

I do not write this lightly. I have been kindly given this counsel when the loss was staggering and yet, it was essential that I stay in the fight. There was the freedom for tears. There always is.

But it was this truth that saved me from despair.

It allowed me to receive His comfort… and not be offended when the laughter came.

In that place where joy makes no sense, I’ve discovered that hurts are healed, strength returns, courage comes and the lens of limitation clears.

Whether it’s taken months or minutes, if there’s a battle to be fought – then this is the place to fight it from. Though when ready to engage on God’s terms, the battleground that looked so intense, is often empty.

The enemy has heard the sound that he fears most and knows that he has no weapon that is its equal.

– Allison

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