Our daily circumstances always hold a gift of God, whether it’s a wonderful situation or a challenging one. Every day, we have the opportunity to discover how much learning is actually occurring.  

Do you believe what God believes about you?

Your life circumstances are where you’re practicing the truths you are learning. Your situations will test whether you can take and establish the territory before you… or not. That’s what they are there for.

Situations are not the enemy trying to rob you. It’s God wanting to establish the word and the promises that He has given you.

Like David did, you learn to encourage yourself in the Lord. Every situation is about you getting some valuable learning about who God really is for you, as you practice what you’re learning in our Brilliant Community.

There will be times when you need to bring your history up before the Lord, about the battles that you’ve won. Don’t let the enemy talk you out of the ground you’ve taken.

God is always talking you into something. Always.

He doesn’t talk you out of something. He shows you something more and then says, “Let’s go there! Let’s think this! Let’s do that! Let’s see this!” Overcomers, Champions and More Than Conquerors are confident in God and are not thinking about what is coming against them. They are thinking about, “Who is here for us?”

We need millions of people in this country with that mindset because if that mindset is prevalent, we can turn this country around. We can stand in the low places of our culture, our society, and we can begin to pray out in line with the majesty of God and see amazing transformation.

It’s why I love the Brilliant Community that is emerging because that is precisely what we are developing: a company of people who are like Caleb, men and women of a different spirit…

…a people who are learning to see life through an Overcomer’s lens, living in the delight and confidence of the power of the one with The One.

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