I know life gets busy and our focus turns to everyday matters. But sometimes, we just need a good reminder of who we are in Jesus.

Reflecting on who we are in Him allows us to take a fresh stand in all that God wants to be for us and all that He wants to help us become.

Ultimately, this guides our development so that we can reveal His nature to the world around us, just like Jesus said in John 14:9:

“He who has seen Me has seen the Father.”

In our pursuit of growing in God, the real question we need to ask is: “Who are we really in our placement with Jesus?” Answering this question from His perspective brings us into alignment with our true identity in Him.

If interested, watch the short clip above. I trust it will remind & refresh you. (You may even want to close your eyes and let these identity statements sink in!)

Here’s to becoming all Jesus intends us to be in Him!

PS) This short clip is from a much longer series I did called Mind of a Saint. In it, I share how to transform your thinking to be in line with who you are in Jesus. You can view the rest of the series for free on Brilliant TV here!