Something I have noticed in all my years on this earth and in ministry; people who are most secure and confident in who God made them, aren’t easily offended.

Now, don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean you can’t get upset, defend what you believe in or come to the defense of others who are under oppression.

What it means is, if someone is attacking you personally, you are able to judge fairly what is true and cast off what is not.  You aren’t wounded by offense and if their words do sink in, you come to the Comforter to get healing.

If you’re easily offended the only thing it proves is that you don’t yet have a good relationship with the Comforter. Why be wounded by people when you can healed? You know it’s easier to get healed than it is to hold a grudge! You don’t get any air miles for being wounded, offended, or bitter. You just get prevented from flying.


Sitting in that offense, (or worse, letting it define you) will double up your grief and pain.  If a child trips and scrapes their knee, you wouldn’t just allow them to pick off the scab over and over.  You would talk to them about allowing it to heal.

Allow the wholeness of the Lord to touch your heart and seek the healing that comes from His hand.  

So, why be wounded when you can be healed?

What’s your obstacle do asking for healing for the Lord?

Journal about these questions and ask the Lord to reveal something new to you.