Life is busy and dreams that we have for ourselves can get pushed to one side.  Sometimes we can feel stuck in a rut, and the monotony of life can feel joyless.  There is no condemnation in this admission, Beloved. It’s part of life and maturity to acknowledge what isn’t working; but the only way to get unstuck is to step out into God’s goodness and try something new.

Spending time with the Lord should always be amazing and the only one who can make that happen is God, Himself. Devotional times are about you being still and grateful as a priority every day. Into that place of joyful anticipation of goodness…you will know His presence rising up within your heart.

Always remember…God is in you and does not need to come to you. He never leaves you!!

Sit in stillness and gratitude. Gratitude may be our most underestimated devotional tool, no matter your circumstances the fact that you’re here with Him, means that His truth about you is also your Truth about Him and vice-versa. Sit in that gratefulness.

Listening to worship or meditating on a promise that He gave you or a favorite scripture, can add to what you are expecting from His faithfulness.

Expect Him to initiate something. He is the Creator you are the responder. What is the most vital for you is the question of Who is in charge of your devotional experience?

Beloved, that is never going to be you! A devotional time is always about you being astonished by Him and your place in His big heart. He adores you when you are doing well; doing badly or confused!

In relationship with Jesus, you can ask the Father what He wants to be for you. Ask Him to reveal your true identity in Him.

“People make the mistake of trying to get somewhere with God. You are already there! Always approach devotional time from His heart.”


Making His devotional time with you part of your routine is essential for a life well-lived. We will never be able to control all the circumstances of our lives; but He will be in charge of the process of how we live with Him.  

I believe spending time in God’s devotion to us lays a strong foundation for His faith and allows us to feel the closeness and strength of God with us, even if we’re in a difficult situation.

In my new devotional Fresh Love Every Day, I challenged the conference attendees to listen to the teaching every day for a year and see how God transformed their lives.  This video went up on YouTube but soon it became clear that people wanted more. Over 250,000 views later, after reading the comments on the video and getting the calls and emails in our office we realized we needed to give people a recording they could take home and a transcription of the audio that they could read.

I am so happy to be able to offer this devotional now.  I know many people have waited months and I thank you for your patience!  

Join us on the #OneYearChallenge from #FreshLoveEveryday and get your copy today.