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Why We Must Always Begin with The Goodness of God.

(This is episode one of the new devotional mentoring series, What The Cross Means For You & Me, available on Brilliant TV.  Press play to enjoy!)

There is freedom for us when we see every single situation as an opportunity to encounter the goodness of God. This doesn’t mean that what’s happening is always good, but it’s in these times that God gives us His goodness, kindness, and peace as gifts.

No matter what we are facing, He is always present with these gifts to combat our negativity, fears, and insecurities. As we walk with the Holy Spirit, He creates a path for us to respond from a peace-filled place.

To learn more about cultivating this response and experiencing God’s goodness, watch the video above.

PS) This is the only full episode of my new devotional mentoring series that will be available outside of Brilliant TV. Join me as we unpack chapter 2 of my book, The Nature of Freedom, and receive a video like this delivered to your inbox every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. Click here to sign up for a FREE 7 day trial.

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