God is the same towards us whether we are doing well or badly.  He doesn’t change towards us, and we can fully rest on this foundational, key truth despite our feelings or circumstances.

Because He will never change, we can put all our security and confidence in the fact that He will never alter the way He sees us, thinks about us, or feels towards us.

We can fully depend on His unchanging nature because His passion, will, and desire for us will always be the same.  When we view ourselves through this lens, a level of expectation is created, empowering us to explore who God wants to be for us in that particular moment.

For more on increasing your level of expectation in God’s unchanging nature, watch the clip above.

PS) This video is from Expectation, a recent event I did with Shawn Bolz, where we explored the power of expectation and how we can turn it into a lifestyle in Christ.  You can watch the full series, on Brilliant TV.