The key element in determining the will of God is always confidence. The Father does what is right always, and He is amazing in His consistency and faithfulness. He always finishes what He starts (Hebrews 12:2), and we can absolutely trust that He will complete His purpose in us (Philippians 1:6).

Holding on to our confidence is the major part of being mentored by the Holy Spirit. Good coaches always impart personal conviction that a goal can be achieved. Mentors provide assurance. And in the same way, our personal security is built upon our own understanding of who GOD is for US (Hebrews 3:6, 14). Assurance allows us to become.

The Holy Spirit stimulates our inner man to stand up on the inside of us with a smile and a confident assurance of the love of the Father. Thus, abiding in Christ is a major source for confidence (1 John 2:28). It guarantees that we won’t step back into a place of doubt or mistrust. And with no condemnation, we are free to move about the Kingdom in confidence (1 John 3:21).

The will of God is never about doubt; it’s always about discovery.

Everything about God is potentially open to exploration. The will of God is not a mystery—it is relational. Sure there are times when situations do not work out as we have prayed or purposed. We often cannot see the end from the beginning. We may only have enough light to take the next step. But if God’s will is relational, then our confidence lies in becoming like Him, not just in our own version of a successful outcome.

We must trust. As we abide, our confidence continues, and we become certain of God’s will being done even if the outcome is not what we would prefer. We’re able to trust that He sees more, and that He knows more. When we allow His will to be relational, we are saying that to become like Him through our present circumstances is a higher priority than just receiving a successful result.

When we make that work of the spirit a priority, confidence is always the outcome — full assurance of salvation.

To be made in the image of God is everything to us.

All our circumstances carry that relational priority. As we are becoming partakers of Christ, we discover God’s will more readily because we share His priority.

So in other words, Sonship is our priority.

All true sons are confident in the Father’s character. There is a godly routine that the Holy Spirit employs consistently in His relationship with us. He encourages our heart. He renews our mind. We enter into a dialogue with Him so that we can learn to ask properly.

He teaches us to pursue and go after Him in all our circumstances. In that, we learn to discover provision and power. And then, we get to call ourselves up to a new relational level.

We fight from victory, not toward it.


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