“This contest is currently closed. Thanks to all 3333 of you who entered! Winners announced below.”

When we relaunched Brilliant TV several months ago, we knew it would be a life-giving resource for people, but never could have imagined the level of rich engagement we’ve had from some truly spectacular people.

Mark Nichols, a member of our growing community, is no exception to that. After experiencing BTV, Mark has generously donated 30 year long memberships to BTV and we are going to give-away 10 of them this week! (Each a value of $192! See below for how to win…)

I’m deeply thankful to Mark for his generous gift to our community. I know this will create space for new members to join and engage with everything we are learning.

And now, I’m going to pass the mic to a dear friend & a community manager @ Brilliant TV, Lucas Bell, to tell us all about how to enter to win Mark’s gift! Lucas, take it away…

Thanks Graham!

If you are just hearing about Brilliant TV today, it is our online platform for mentorship, transformation and community. We relaunched it three months ago and have already heard some VERY fun stories of transformation and the upgrades that people are growing into by engaging with us. (Learn all about it here)

Here are a few features you can expect from a year-long membership to BTV…

  • Weekly mentoring by Graham Cooke
  • Access a library of 75+ hours of exclusive and transformative content
  • Engage in an interactive community of like minded-people
  • “Ask Graham” a question and hear his responses on our monthly Q & A videos
  • Community engagement and member highlights
  • More intensives, eCourses, and tracks coming soon…

A year long membership typically costs $192. But enter TODAY to win for FREE!


Three easy steps!

1) Enter your name & email here…
2) Tell us ONE reason why you would love to join the BTV community in the comments below!

In example, “I’ve been looking for a new way to grow!” or “I LOVE the Developing Your Destiny series!”

3) Simply “SHARE” (not LIKE) this post below!

Hit the “Share” button near the bottom of the post. Once you click, write a personal caption encouraging friends to enroll in the contest, as well!

Be sure to enter today, as the contest will only last 48 hours!

Once the time has run out, we will verify those who have fulfilled all three steps & announce via the email you provided above!

Thanks again to Mark Nichols & thanks to all of you who participate! This is too fun.


PS) While you’re awaiting the results, feel free to take a look around at Brilliant TV (here)!

PPS) And speaking of FREE stuff, did you know Brilliant Book House always has at least one or two things for free in our store?! Here are two products you can download now (free of charge).


The results are in & ten people have been chosen to be awarded a year-long subscription to Brilliant TV! But first, let me say a sincere THANK YOU for entering!

We had 3,333 people enter & the comments we received as to why people wanted to join BTV were astonishing. I have certainly walked away encouraged by the impact Brilliant has had in people’s lives.

We are very excited about the Brilliant TV platform & community. In fact, we are about to roll out several new features, including 7-21 day intensives where you’re provided with new content & activations daily.

But now, without further adieu…the winners! I picked the following individuals for various reasons, ranging from hardship & need to the commitment they’ve shown the Brilliant family over the years.

  • Mindy Milinkovich
  • Liezel Mentz
  • Kimberly Smith
  • Carol VanDyke
  • Julie Burns Cason
  • Jimbob Herring
  • Jane Romano
  • Janine Van Wyk
  • Trish Townsend
  • Anne McDowall

If you didn’t win, be sure to check your email as I’ve offered a consolation prize of sorts. :)

Thanks again to Mark Nichols for donating and making this possible!