What if worship is more than the warm up for teaching on a Sunday morning? What does worship outside the four walls of church look like? And why is it so important to God?

God is not fixated on worship because He needs it.

He’s not an egomaniac, speaking in an authoritative deep voice: “Worship Me for I am worthy!”

He wants us to worship because He knows how vital it is for us.

God loves our corporate worship when we gather together, but God is not just looking for better worship services. God is looking for worshippers; a people that He can walk with, turning their encounters into a lifestyle with Him.

A worshipper is an intimate friend of God, one who is fully engaged in relationship with Him. No matter what is occurring in their lives, worship is their first response because they anticipate seeing how big He plans to be for them in this place.

Worship is not just something that we do. It is who God created us to be.

God created us to be worshippers forever.  Think about it… in Heaven, we won’t need teachers or prophets anymore.  But there’s no end to our identity as worshippers.

Worship elevates us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It fuels our divine advantage to rise above our situations and see how absolutely majestic God is in them and for us.

Worship positions us to receive personally and deeply from God Himself, in a way that goes beyond what gifts, teaching or ministry can offer. I love all these things, but God is seeking worshippers because He loves being with us in His perspective.

Rejoicing always as a lifestyle is natural for worshippers. They’ve seen His majesty, so they live expecting their divine advantages in Christ.

A lifestyle outside of being absolutely overwhelmed by God’s majesty leaves us vulnerable to anxiety and stress. We can fail to recognize the favor, provision and promises that God sees clearly.

It’s difficult for life to be on earth as it is in heaven if we’re unfamiliar with its atmosphere!

In my years of traveling and speaking, I have had numerous times where I am asked for a prophetic word, when it’s really worship that’s needed. We may think we need ministry, but we actually need to encounter the presence of the Lord that never leaves us nor forsakes us.

Worship and adoration are always our starting point.

So what are the places in your life where an upgrade in worship is really the answer?

Where would encountering the majesty of Jesus activate your divine advantage in Him?

Where do you want to be absolutely overwhelmed by who He really is… and who you really are in Him? Take hold of His invitation to live the upgraded life of a worshipper and see what happens.

Enjoy becoming the worshipper God created you to be!

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