“How rapidly is life passing us by, and what have we done?

Me, I want to see my life as a treasure that was spent on Earth.

I don’t want to have any regrets about how I lived. I want to live in a grace where all things are possible and there are zero chains on my life. I want to live life as a celebrant and travel with the optimism of the Holy Spirit.”


I believe that when God gives you a promise, it is really an invitation for you to be possessed by His Word.  I believe a promise is not about you taking the Word and applying it to your life, but instead it is about the Word truly possessing you.

When you step into the promise of God, your current circumstances become ideal soil for your next breakthrough. This is what it means for us to be in Christ.  Christ within us gives us the confidence to take those steps into new territory and break new ground. 

Prosperity, to me, is about taking advantage of the grace and the goodness of God regardless of circumstances. The best mindset to have is the one that originates in God’s heart for you.

I want to know His majesty on earth in my lifetime. I want to see it and I want to live under the wing of the majesty, favor, blessing and promise of God.  As I understand more and more about the nature of God, I understand that God’s heart is to see us set free in everything.  But beyond that, He wants to see us reclaiming the territory that the enemy has tried to take from us.

We have to be persistent about claiming that territory. You mustn’t shrug off or give up on who you are in Christ, because when we persevere and courageously step into the promises God has given us, (promises that are part of our identity) then breakthrough is guaranteed!

Focus on being alive to God and He will show you all His beauty, splendor, and majesty.


Graham and Team Brilliant have compiled a collection of resources on the subject of Breakthrough to take your devotional life with the Lord to the place you have always dreamt of going.

A place, where stillness, peace and delight finally feel like part of your daily life.

That place of breakthrough awaits and it’s something Graham has taught for over 40 years. Allow his experience and wisdom to reach even the most stubborn parts of you, and sit under the mentorship of a teacher who walks this lifestyle of breakthrough every day.