(This is episode #1 of my new devotional mentoring series, God’s Empowering Presence, on Brilliant TV. Press play to enjoy this video about living in a deeper experience of God’s freedom and grace!)

In the Kingdom, we’re learning to build joyful stamina in exploring the Truth of who God is, while encountering His empowering presence of grace.

When we are disconnected from His presence, we often find ourselves in a place of exhaustion and frustration because we’re trying to manage our spirituality in our own strength.

The only way to truly discover God’s Nature of Freedom is to experience the empowering presence of Christ in you, granting you a lifestyle of measure and fullness.

So to learn more about how you can deepen your experience of God’s grace and freedom in your life, join me for a brand new devotional mentoring series. (Episode #1 is available above.)

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