In Jesus, we never start our new life as a disadvantaged person. Everything in our old life has been killed off, so we no longer have to see ourselves as the old man. Jesus dealt with our sin nature and all its negativity so we can live in our divine advantage in Him.

We have been raised up into newness of life and given a brand new identity: Christ in us. This is the identity that now comes through in all our circumstances, and our journey is now about learning the fullness of this new nature.

Divine advantage starts in the place of Jesus establishing His righteousness on the same ground of grace that rules over sin.

We are not dealing with our sin nature anymore, we are learning to overcome in the way of righteousness. Where we felt helpless and defenseless, we now have power and security.

Being in Christ guarantees that as He is, so are we. Divine advantage allows us to never start with a deficit; we always begin with sufficiency.

His grace empowers us to rise up and overcome; it is completely and legally sufficient for all our circumstances. We no longer have to listen to a religious spirit downgrade the power and effectiveness of grace. Where the enemy wants to keep us poor in goodness and favor, God has given us a divine advantage.

Jesus died and rose from the grave so that we might become rich in His identity. Through grace, we now have the opportunity to partake of His divine nature and experience the majesty of His life within us.

We no longer have to live from a place of guilt, shame, condemnation, or negativity because grace, as empowering Presence, dominates all these things.

When we live in grace, the majesty of His empowering Presence liberates us into freedom and we get to see ourselves as we are in Christ!

Beloved, let’s enjoy exploring the possibilities of our divine advantage.

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