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Overcoming Negativity Through Rest

Learn how to overcome negativity through rest!

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Discovering My True Identity / Podcasts

If We Are In Jesus, Then So Is Our Situation.

Graham Cooke / 04/16/2018
Thinking the Way God Thinks / Videos

The Ruling Power of Peace.

Articles / Living Free and Staying Free

You Are Here!


The Ruling Power of Peace.

Why We Must Always Begin with The Goodness of God.



You Are Here!

The Power to Choose Rest.

Rest allows us to make powerful choices.  Every day, we have the opportunity to choose what we…

When We’re Not Who We Hope to Be, What Does Jesus Do?

On our journey with God, we travel in a paradox of strengths and vulnerabilities.  We have New…


Make An Impact By Sharing Your Story & Journey.


Failing is Not the Same as Failure.

How We Can Respond Well To The Extremes of Life.

Life is often lived between a series of extremes: power and weakness, optimism and pessimism, success and…