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Brilliant Thoughts For A Better Life With God

What Are You Focusing On?

By Graham Cooke

No matter what you are called to work on, look at or think about this season; whether it’s practicing peace, learning to pray differently, or choosing a joyful response; you…

The Lord is Our Keeper.

By Graham Cooke

The Fruit of the Spirit is always growing in the presence of God. This is especially true during times of physical pain. In today’s clip, Graham talks about his own…

Always Start With The Future.

By Graham Cooke

Life in the Spirit is about who we are becoming in Jesus. We have to think in terms of who are we going to become? How do we upgrade our…

Elevate Your Relationship And Upgrade Your Journey With God.


Wipe that slate clean.

When you truly accept that the Lord dwells within you, you begin to understand that the qualities and the nature of God dwell there also.…

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Letters to Graham.

Graham, I’ve followed you for years; books, conferences and podcasts. Even had coffee with you and some other friends in Maryville, TN. I’m pleased to…

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