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Brilliant TV Premium

This is live guided relational learning, in community. Learn how to bring to life Brilliant TV’s keys, promises, and crafted prayers and walk with God as a new creation!

Brilliant TV Standard

Containing over 50 mentoring series, Brilliant TV keeps you connected to regular devotional mentorship as you journey together with other Kingdom-minded individuals and explore the possibilities of life in Christ.

Online Events

Containing over 50 mentoring series, Brilliant TV keeps you connected to regular devotional mentorship as you journey together with other Kingdom-minded individuals and explore the possibilities of life in Christ.

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Love that Fuels Faith

Love that Fuels Faith

EPISODE SUMMARY Love is who God is, but it’s not the common love we’re used to seeing in the world. The love of God never changes based on our response or behavior. His love is like a straight and true arrow: no hooks and no hidden agendas. He loves for the pure...

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Performance in its Proper Place – NOF

Performance in its Proper Place – NOF

This week we're continuing the series "What the Cross Means for You and Me," Letter #2 of The Nature of Freedom, adapted from Brilliant TV. This article, as with the last handful of our articles, is based around Graham’s landmark book, “The Nature of Freedom.”...

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After working in ministry for over 40 years, I’ve encountered the same theme over and over: Christians often struggle with hearing God’s voice, and knowing their purpose in the Kingdom.

I believe there are people in the Kingdom of God who desire to be different, who want to be significant, and have the desire to turn the world upside down.

But in order for you to become all that you can be in Jesus, you need a place where you can learn, grow, and thrive.

My team and I have created Brilliant TV to be the place where we can all experience Kingdom transformation together.

Join us on this journey, I would love to see you inside!


The Importance of Remembering Your Promises

The Importance of Remembering Your Promises

The law of life in Christ tells us that a promise elevates every circumstance because they contain God’s intentional bias towards us. God only deals with the language of promise, and therefore, we can see ourselves as a people of promise who have upgrades waiting to...

Developing Confidence in the Favor of God.

Developing Confidence in the Favor of God.

Favor is the ability to receive a promise no matter what is going on. It’s the permission to ask, seek, and knock while being sure that God’s answer is going to be “yes.” Remember, all the promises of God are “yes and amen in Christ.” (2 Corinthians 1:20)   As we grow...


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Great Community…

“It’s so good to have this great community. It’s exciting to be renewing the mind with Graham and friends. What I love about Brilliant TV is that I feel like I am getting to know more about the radical love of God as I keep listening and sowing this into my life.”

PAUL – BTV Subscriber

Mentored in Truth… 

“I can’t say enough about the importance of being mentored in the truth like this! I have been a Christian for 13 years but I spent 10 of those years having an identity crisis that had me miserable. I just knew there had to be more. Praise God there is!”

JENNIFER – BTV Subscriber

Growing & Changing…

“I am personally immersing myself in the content of BTV and growing and changing so much. I am constantly sharing applied content with individuals and classes I teach at my church.”

Mary – BTV Subscriber

Kingdom Tools…

“Up until two years ago I had no concept of the kingdom. My church and seminary both treated it as if it was something to come later. One day as a brand new pastor I asked the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth about His word and the gospel. He immediately began to teach about the Kingdom and put teachers in my life who were immensely helpful in creating a Kingdom worldview. What Brilliant TV has blessed me with are the tools to live according to the Kingdom and the Father’s amazing destiny for me.”

JIM – BTV Subscriber

Nourishing My Soul… 

“I have been praying for a mentor, and so when I signed on with Brilliant TV just a few days ago, I went directly to the Mentor Series. Let me just say that God has opened a window and offered a word that is nourishing the hunger in my soul. And the crafted prayer you gave us at the end of this week’s teaching has already been life transforming to me. Yes, I have walked with the Lord a very long time, but in these last few days, I have known Him as a very close and present friend.”

MCCLENDON – BTV Subscriber

Practical Teaching

“I am so grateful for Brilliant TV. I am being stretched in my learning to rest in Him as I see these manifestations, I am learning to not become anxious and to just abide… I have not been able to find this practical teaching anywhere and really grateful. What has helped me most is the practical examples Graham gives and how he problem solves through it. Thank you!”

LISA – BTV Subscriber