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Brilliant Thoughts For A Better Life With God

Permission Granted

By Graham Cooke

  Permission means different things to different people.  To some, they find it easy to accept the Lord’s hand of grace, and so acknowledge His permission without much trouble.  To…

Developing Confidence in the Favor of God.

By Graham Cooke

Favor is the ability to receive a promise no matter what is going on. It’s the permission to ask, seek, and knock while being sure that God’s answer is going…

God is Not Reluctant to Bless.

By Graham Cooke

[Listen on iTunes] Heaven has a right of possession over us in Christ, giving it the right to acquire our problems and provoke God’s favor to overcome them. We have…

Elevate Your Relationship And Upgrade Your Journey With God.


Wipe that slate clean.

When you truly accept that the Lord dwells within you, you begin to understand that the qualities and the nature of God dwell there also.…

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A hope bigger than I imagined.

There has been nothing easy about my walk with God. I have been born again for over 30 years, but it’s only been the last…

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