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Joyful Intentionality

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Living Free and Staying Free / Podcasts

Pressing the Pause Button.

Graham Cooke / 02/19/2019

Living A Life With Joy And Delight

Thinking the Way God Thinks / Videos

The Art of Celebration.


The Art of Celebration.

How Are You Currently Traveling With God?


Woman outdoors with her arms outstretched and her eyes closed expressing serene freedom

Living A Life With Joy And Delight

Preparing For A Divine Conversation

You are about to engage with the passionate heart of God.   Take time to sit, read,...

Reach For Your True Identity

This month we have been focusing a lot on permission and favor. Why?  Because these subjects go...

Landscape with Milky Way. Night sky with stars and silhouette of a standing happy man on the mountain.

Permission Granted


Turning An Encounter Into A Lifestyle

We are defined by the quality of the opposition against us!

  When we look at a giant, there are mixed messages that we receive. Firstly, the enemy...