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Defining Your Personal Legacy

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Thinking the Way God Thinks / Videos

The Importance of Remembering Your Promises.

Graham Cooke / 12/10/2018

Crafting A Prayer

Living Free and Staying Free / Podcasts

Entering a Majesty Mindset.


The Importance of Remembering Your Promises.

Wisdom Is The Language of Faith & Trust.


Silhouette of human hand with open palm praying to god at sunset background

Crafting A Prayer

Practice Delight Not Desperation.

 The presence of God empowers our rejoicing and thanksgiving. We’re learning to delight ourselves in the...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  Happy Thanksgiving to my Brilliant Community. As you gather today with your loved ones, be sure that in...


You Have Every Reason To Give Thanks.


4 Brilliant Resources for Practicing Gratitude

The Greatest of these is Love

Many of us believers have 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 memorized.  So many songs of worship have been sung...