Parenting is a skill born out of love, passion, and intelligent design. Children need a path to follow and a lifelong guide who understands how life really works. Whether you are currently a parent or desire to become one, today’s BRILLIANT LIFE guest will help you discover the beauty of partnering with the Holy Spirit to parent from a Kingdom perspective.

What is Kingdom parenting?

In the Kingdom, we are all learning how to see things properly; to think about them from heaven’s perspective, and to speak the language of possibility that compels us to grow upward in our lifestyle with God. Just as the key people in our lives have the ability to leave an imprint on us (for good or otherwise), parents play an instrumental role in developing the life skills that create exceptional people.

As believers, the genius Holy Spirit is our teacher and comforter who leads us into all truth. His job, according to John 14:15, is to take everything that belongs to Jesus and make it yours. This means that we are never alone in our parenting. When we choose to partner with the Lord by engaging with the Spirit, we gain unequivocal access to His insights, His wisdom, and His perfect love for our children.

When we choose to lay Kingdom foundations in our family, they do bear fruit.

Want to learn more? Tune in to today’s podcast to join special guest, Bridget van Zyl, as we explore the beauty of parenting from a Kingdom perspective.

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